Farm Mechanics
Mark Twain: His Life and Work, a Biographical Sketch
Derivation of the Bohr-Sommerfeld Quantum, Conditions From an Asymptotic Solution, of the Schroedinger Equation
Recollections of a Russian Home: A Musician's Experiences
History of the Town of Kirkland, New York
Early Russian History: Four Lectures Delivered at Oxford, in the Taylor Institution, According to the Terms of Lord Ilchester's Bequest to the University
Laboratory Teaching: Or, Progressive Exercises in Practical Chemistry
Notes of a Busy Life: With Portraits and Other Illustrations
The Whole Works of the Right Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D.D., Lord Bishop of Down, Connor, and Dromore: With an Essay, Biographical and Critical
Betha Colaim Chille: Life of Columcille
Home and Abroad: An Autobiography of an Octogenarian
A Treatise on the Circle and the Sphere
History of the Forty-Fifth Regiment: Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry, 1861-1865
Alumni Cantabrigienses: A Biographical List of All Known Students, Graduates and Holders of Office at the University of Cambridge, From the Earliest Times to 1900
The History of the Church Missionary Society: Its Environment, Its Men and Its Work
The Story of the Cotton Gin
Douglas Doctrine of Popular Sovereignty in the Territories: Its Counterpart
History of the Engineering Construction and Equipment of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company's New York Terminal
A Narrative of the Sufferings of Massy Harbison, From Indian Barbarity: Giving an Account of Her Captivity, the Murder of Her Two Children, Her Escape, With an Infant at Her Breast
Primitive Symbolism: As Illustrated in Phallic Worship or the Reproductive Principle
Artistic Anatomy of the Human Figure
Personal Recollections of Service in the Army of the Cumberland and Sherman's Army: From August 17, 1861 to July 20, 1865
The Story of Alexander Hamilton, for Young Readers
The Restored Pronunciation of Greek and Latin: With Tables and Practical Explanations
Principles of Transformer Design
De Jure Belli Ac Pacis Libri Tres
The Rise of Internationalism
History of Clan Macfarlane
Plotinus: On the One and Good; Being the Treatises of the Sixth Ennead, Translated From the Greek
History of the Town of East Greenwich and Adjacent Territory: From 1677 to 1877
The Full Measure of Devotion
Divine Healing: As Taught by Rev. John Alex; Dowie; Refuted, and His Work Exposed
Smaller History of Rome: From the Earliest Times to the Establishment of the Empire
Report on the History and Recent Collation: Of the English Version of the Bible
Wilson's Carpentry and Joinery
The Door of Dreams
London: A Book of Aspects
The Heaven of the Bible
The Baptists and Slavery, 1840-1845
Manual of Forms for Baptism, Admission to the Communion, Administration of the Lord's Supper, Marriage and Funerals: Conformed to the Doctrine and Discipline of the Presbyterian Church
The Little Wings: Poems and Essays
Speech of Mr. Robertson, of Virginia: On His Motion to Recommit the Report and Resolutions of the Select Committee on the Subject of Abolition, Delivered in the House of Representatives, May, 1836
An Oration Delivered Before the Inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport: At Their Request, on the Sixty-First Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1837
Disunion and Restoration in Tennessee
The Federal Reserve Act of 1913: History and Digest
Jacobite Gleanings From State Manuscripts: Short Sketches of Jacobites; The Transportations in 1745
Karl Marx: An Essay
Death and After?
Local Government in Canada: An Historical Study
Asymptotic Development of Steady State Electromagnetic Fields
Fall Catalogue, 1906
An Egyptian Alphabet for the Egyptian People
Transposition: Keyboard and Orchestral
1906 Illustrated Catalogue of the Hughes Furniture Manufacturing Company
Historic Duxbury in Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Origin Myth of Acoma: And Other Records
The People Called Baptists
Greek Examination Papers in Miscellaneous Grammar and Idioms
A Treatise on Crystallography
Comus: A Masque
The Bible: In Type and Antitype
Susannah: A Musical Drama in Two Acts
Military Operations in Jefferson County, Virginia and West 1861-1865
Letter to the Hon. Samuel An; Eliot: Representative in Congress From the City of Boston, in Reply to His Apology for Voting for the Fugitive Slave Bill
Drawing Made Easy: A Helpful Book for Young Artists the Way to Begin and Finish Your Sketches, Clearly Shown Step by Step
Pygmalion and Galatea: An Entirely Original Mythological Comedy
Wilton Parish, 1726-1800: A Historical Sketch
The Supremacy of Reason: To the Memory of Maimonides
The Custom House, and Main Street
Diary of Caroline Cowles Richards, 1852-1872, Canandaigua, N. Y
The New England Primer
Bible Talk Outlines, Two Hundred Alphabetically Arranged
Rose Kavanagh and Her Verses
Essentials in Mechanical Drawing
The Zionist Movement: Its Aims and Achievements
Introduction to the Study of Organic Chemistry: The Chemistry of Carbon and Its Compounds
Lewiston-Clarkston and the Clearwater Country, Idaho Washington
Elements of Latin Pronunciation: For the Use of Students in Language, Law, Medicine, Zoology, Botany, and the Sciences Generally in Which Latin Words Are Used
Antony and Cleopatra: Arranged for Acting
Lessons From a Shoemaker's Stool
A Saunter Through Kent With Pen and Pencil
A Discourse Upon the Theory of Legitimate Government
The North Shore of Massachusetts Bay: A Guide and History of Marblehead, Salem Neck and Juniper Point, Beverly, and Cape Ann
Mechanics' Geometry: Plainly Teaching the Carpenter, Joiner, Mason, Metal-Plate Worker, in Fact the Artisan in Any and Every Branch of Industry Whatsoever, the Constructive Principles of His Calling
Human Discords
Christ the Key to Bible Knowledge
The Mythos of the Ark
The Uses of Symbolism, in Greek Art: A Dissertation Presented
Corn Meal for Breakfast, Dinner, Supper
The Native Races of East Africa
The Mystic and Reality: Another Approach to Change
The Motor and the Dynamo
A Burmese Historian of Buddhism: Dissertation
Hermes Stella: Or Notes and Jottings Upon the Bacon Cipher
Arboreal Man
Impotence and Sterility: With Aberrations of the Sexual Function and Sex-Gland Implantation
Theatre Complet: Les Honnetes Femmes, les Corbeaux, la Parisienne
Treasury of the Scottish Covenant
Explanatory and Illustrative Notes and a Glossary
Greek Thinkers: A History of Ancient Philosophy
Ants Their Structure, Development and Behavior
On the Entomology and Uses of Silk: With a List of the Families, Genera, and Species of Silk Producers Known Up to the Present Date
The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Macedonians and Grecians Macedonians and Grecians
Delsartean Pantomimes With Recital and Musical Accompaniment: Designed for Home, School, and Church Entertainments
Armstrong County: Pennsylvania, Her People, Past and Present; Embracing a History of the County and a Genealogical and Biographical Record of Representative Families
The Lumberman's Hand Book: For the Inspection and Measurement of Lumber and Logs
Tea, Coffee, and Cocoa: A Practical Treatise on the Analysis of Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Chocolate, Mate (Paraguay Tea), Etc
The Modern Buddhist: Being the Views of a Siamese Minister of State on His Own and Other Religions
The Book of Bradford: Containing a Condensed History of the City of Bradford, Points of Interest and Facts About the City, and Other Information of Various Kinds
Beauty in the Vegetable Garden
The Inverse Problem in the Quantum Theory of Scattering
Twelve Soul-Winning Sermons: Delivered at the Metropolitan Tabernacle
History of Frances Slocum, the Captive: A Civilized Heredity Vs. A Savage, and Later Barbarous, Environment
The Works of Moliere: The Physician in Spite of Himself; Melicerte; A Comic Pastoral; The Sicilian
Barroll in Great Britain and America, 1554-1910
Model English: The Development of Thought
Sketches in Greece and Turkey: With the Present Condition and Future Prospects of the Turkish Empire
Genseric: King of the Vandals and First Prussian Kaiser
America Entangled: The Secret Plotting of German Spies in the United States and the Inside, Story of the Sinking of the Lusitania
The Teaching of Jesus Concerning the Kingdom of God, and the Church
Jewish Activities in the United States
The German and Swiss, Settlements of Colonial, Pennsylvania: A Study, of the So-Called Penn-Sylvania Dutch
The Sleepy King: A Fairy Tale
First Lessons in Civics: A Text-Book for Use in Schools
The Black Pearl of Peihoo: A Tale of the Malay Seas
Jacob Wrestling With the Angel
The Ceremonies of the Holy Mass Explained: A Short Explanation of the Meaning of the Ceremonies of the Mass, Useful to All Who Take Part in the Sacred Mysteries
The Return From Parnassus, 1606
S. Editha, Sive Chronicon Vilodunense, Im Wiltshire Dialekt Aus Ms. Cotton, Faustina B III
Bird Notes and News, 1916-1917: The Journal of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds; 1916-1917; With Contents and Index
The Wood Turner's Handybook: A Practical Manual for the Workers at the Lathe
Oeuvres Completes de Joseph de Maistre: Correspondance, IV; 1811-1814
An Account of the Trial of Thomas Muir, Esq. Younger, of Huntershill, Before the High Court of Justiciary, at Edinburgh, on the 30th and 31st Days of August, 1793, for Sedition
L'Avenir de 'Intelligence: Suivi de Auguste Comte Romantisme Feminin Mademoiselle Monk
Documents Illustrative of the Social and Economic History of the Danelaw: From Various Collections
Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy: With the Principal Variations of the Chang-Chew and Chin-Chew Dialects
History of Architecture in All Countries: From the Earliest Times to the Present Day
Candies and Bonbons: And How to Make Them
Teutonic Legends: In the Nibelungen Lied and the Nibelungen Ring
A History of the Schools of Cincinnati
The Theocratic Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus, the Christ: As Covenanted in the Old Testament and Presented in the New Testament
The Fair God: Or the Last of the Tzins; A Tale of the Conquest of Mexico
Dictionary of Quotations: Spanish
Pictures in Umbria
A Manual of Human Microscopic Anatomy
Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland: From the Earliest Period to the Year 1616
The Maya Year
History of the Connecticut Valley in Massachusetts, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
The American Colonies in the Seventeenth Century
The History and Antiquities of London, Westminster Southwark and Parts Adjacent
The Reformers; And the Theology of the Reformation
The Modern Speech New Testament: An Idiomatic Translation Into Everyday English From the Text of "the Resultant Greek Testament"
Short Historical Grammar of the German Language: Old, Middle and Modern High German
The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom: Extant, Extinct or Dormant; Bass to Canning
The Truth About the Congo: The Chicago Tribune Articles
The Supreme System of Cutting and Grading Coats and Vests
Common Sense Versus Common Law
Elements of Woodwork
The Albigensian Heresy
The Freemasons Monthly Magazine, 1866
A Handbook of the Art of Illumination, as Practised During the Middle Ages: With a Description of the Metals, Pigments, and Processes Employed by the Artists at Different Periods
Gloves and the Glove Trade
Machias Cook Book
Religious Intercourse Between Ceylon and Siam in the Eighteenth Century
Les Miserables, (the Wretched): A Novel
Root and Stem Vegetables
Crito and Phaedo: Dialogues of Socrates Before His Death
General Investigations of Curved Surfaces: Of 1827 and 1825
Hungarian Specialities
In the Beginning: Some Greek Views on the Origins of Life and the Early State of Man
The True Story of Christopher Columbus Called the Great Admiral
Rama's Later History; Or Uttara-Rama-Charita: An Ancient Hindu Drama, Critically Edited in the Original Sanskrit and Prakrit With an Introduction and English Translation and Notes and Variants, Etc
The Relations Between Ancient Russia and Scandinavia and the Origin of the Russian State
Woman: Her Mission and Life
A London Plane-Tree: And Other Verse
Glimpse of Prison Life
Wonderful Works of God: A Narrative of the Wonderful Facts in the Case of Ansel Bourne, of West Shelby, Orleans
Are Women People?: A Book of Rhymes for Suffrage Times
Anniversary Address Delivered on the Second Commencement of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary: At Greenville, S. C. Monday, May 27th, 1861
Coins, Tokens and Medals: Of the Dominion of Canada
The United States Revenue Cutter Service in the War With Spain, 1898
The Psychological Origin and the Nature of Religion
A Treatise on Surgical Anatomy
Word-Analysis: A Graded Class-Book of English Derivative Words, With Practical Exercises in Spelling, Analyzing, Defining, Synonyms, and the Use of Words
The Scottish Jacobites and Their Songs and Music: With a Succinct Account of Their Battles
The Life of the Universe as Conceived by Man, From the Earliest Ages, to the Present Time
An Universal History of the United States of America
A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare: The Tragedie of Anthonie, and Cleopatra
Psychic Light, the Continuity of Law and Life
Through Five Republics (of South America): A Critical Description of Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay and Venezuela in 1905
The Hidden Way Across the Threshold: Or the Mystery Which Hath Been Hidden for Ages and From Generations
Elizabeth Thornton: Or the Flower and Fruit of Female Piety, With Other Sketches
The Land of the Hittites: An Account of Recent Explorations and Discoveries in Asia Minor, With Descriptions of the Hittite Monuments
Lectures on Modern Idealism
The Moral Philosophy of Aristotle: Consisting of a Translation of the Nicomachean Ethics, and of the Paraphrase Attributed to Andronicus of Rhodes, With an Introductory Analysis of Each Book
Narrative of the Conquest of Finland by the Russians in the Years 1808-9
How I Found Livingstone: Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa, Including Four Months Residence With Dr. Livingstone
What Caused the Deportation of the Acadians?
Places of Interest in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Epicteti Enchiridion: The Morals of Epictetus Made English, in a Poetical Paraphrase
The House of Hapsburg: The Reigning Austrian Dynasty
England After War: A Study
The Story of Magellan: And the Discovery of the Philippines
Fish Transport and Fish Markets
History of Iron County: Missouri
Carl Friedrich Gauss: A Memorial
Personal Recollections of Pioneer Life: On the Mountains and Plains of the Great West
Who Planned the Tennessee Campaign of 1862?: Or Anna Ella Carroll Vs; Ulvsses S. Grant, a Few Generally Unknown Facts in Regard to Our Civil War
Recollections Abroad: During the Year 1790; Sicily and Malta
On the Various Forces of Nature and Their Relations to Each Other: A Course of Lectures Delivered Before a Juvenile Audience at the Royal Institution
On the Heights of Himalay
The Seaman's Compass and Chart: For Daily Use, Afloat or Ashore
Building Timbers and Architects Specifications, Incorporated With Which Is Part of Haworth's Practical Timber Measurer
Johnson on Shakespeare: Essays and Notes Selected, and Set Forth
A Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, in Two Parts: 1, Gaelic and English, 2, English and Gaelic
Meterology: A Text-Book on the Weather, the Causes of Its Changes, and Weather Forecasting for the Student and General Reader
The United States of America: Through the Civil War
The Ante-Nicene Fathers: Translations of the Writings of the Fathers Down to A. D. 325; The Apostolic Fathers, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus
The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1894
The Works of Jacob Behmen, the Teutonic Theosopher: Containing I. The Mysterium Magnum, or an Explanation of the Book of Moses, Called Genesis, in Three Parts; II. Four Tables of Divine Revelation
A Textbook of Chemistry
Anecdota Oxoniensia: The Buddha-Karita of Asvaghosha; Edited, From Three Mss
A Meditation on the Incarnation of Christ: Sermons on the Life and Passion of Our Lord
The Illustrated London News: July-Dec, 1865
Thoughts on the Metaphysics of Theosophy
Gardening in Egypt: A Handbook of Gardening for Lower Egypt
A Primer of Sculpture
Instructions on Welding and Cutting of Metals, Oxyacetylene Process
Redwood: A Tale
Lycurgus: The Speech Against Leocrates
Francis Bacon: Our Shake-Speare
A Land of Heroes: Stories From Early Irish History
Og Son of Fire
Sylvander and Clarinda: The Love Letters of Robert Burns and Agnes M'lehose
The Boy General: Story of the Life of Major-General George A. Custer
The Scotch-Irish or the Scot in North Britain, North Ireland, and North America
Giovanni Battista Piranesi: A Critical Study, With a List of His Published Works, and Detailed Catalogues, of the Prisons and the Views of Rome
A Moeso-Gothic Glossary: With an Introduction, an Outline of Moeso-Gothic Grammar, and a List of Anglo-Saxon and Old and Modern English Words Etymologically Connected With Moeso-Gothic
The Annals of America, 1829
Republican Rome: Her Conquests, Manners and Institutions From the Earliest Times to the Death of Caesar
William Smith on Mormonism: This Book Contains a True Account of the Origin of the Book of Mormon, a Sketch of the History, Experience, and Ministry of Elder William Smith
The Scottish Songstress: Caroline Baroness Nairne
The Japanese Translation of the Bible: Meeting to Celebrate Its Completion, February 3rd, 1888
Examinations and Martyrdom of Dr. Rowland Taylor: A. D. 1555
What Good Will It Do?: A Question About the Disestablishment of the Church of England, Examined and Answered
The Metallurgy of the Non-Ferrous Metals
Manual of the International Order of Twelve of Knights and Daughters of Tabor: Containing General Laws, Regulations, Ceremonies, Drill, and a Taborian Lexicon
Tales of City Life: I. The City Clerk; II. "Life Is Sweet;"
St. Andrew's College Review: The University of Toronto and University College
The Red Flower: A Play of Armenia to-Day
Monograph on Flavoring Extracts With Essences, Syrups, and Colorings: Also, Formulas for Their Preparation; With Appendix, Intended for the Use of Druggists
The Gilly of Christ: With Three Symbols
Baptismal Regeneration Refuted, and Scriptural Regeneration Explained
Devotion to St. Anthony of Padua: Or a Novena in His Honor
Ipswich Village and the Old Rowley Road
The Horrors of Southern Prisons During the War of the Rebellion, From 1861 to 1865
The Journal of William Dowsing, of Stratford, Parliamentary Visitor
Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows, Passionist: A Youthful Hero of Sanctity
British North America: 1763-1867
The Germans and Africa, Their Aims on the Dark Continent and How They Acquired Their African Colonies
The Woman's Manual of 1000 Hints for the Home
On the Development and Transmission of Power: From Central Stations
The Whims of the Ages: The Moon the Mother of All Things; The Day of Doom and the Flight of the Gods
The Facts Are: A Guide to Falsehood and Propaganda in the Press and Radio
Painters Decorators Work
The Samaritan Pentateuch and Modern Criticism
Grass-Grown Trails
Select Translations From Scaliger's Poetics
Better Dairy Farming: The Breeding, Feeding, Handling and Care of Dairy Cattle
The Assumption of Moses: Translated From the Latin Sixth, Century the Unemended Text, of Which Is Published Herewith, Together With the Text in Its Restored and Critically Emended Form Edited
Letters of Mrs. Adams, the Wife of John Adams: With an Introductory Memoir
Sweet Peas for Profit: Cultivation Under Glass and Outdoors a Practical Guide to Modern Methods, of Growing the Sweet Pea, for Market Purposes
Slaveholding Weighed in the Balance of Truth: And Its Comparative Guilt Illustrated
History of the City of Altoona and Blair County: Including Sketches of the Shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad Co
Lectures on the Principles of Political Obligation
Among the Head-Hunters of Formosa
The Expert Sign Painter Second
The Little Statesman
Bacon's Essays: And Colours of Good and Evil
The Paynes of Hamilton: A Genealogical and Biographical Record
Hafed, Prince of Persia
Red Scar
Business Finance: A Practical Study of Financial Management in Private Business Concerns
The Pathology of Mind Being: Third Edition of the Second Part of the Physiology and Pathology of Mind, Recast, Enlarged, and Rewritten
A History of Greater Britain: As Well England as Scotland; Compiled From the Ancient Authorities
Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, Major-General, United States Army
Census of India, 1911: North-West Frontier Province
The Druggist's General Receipt Book
The Absurdity and Injustice of the Window Tax: Considered With Especial Reference to the New Survey, 1841
A Practical Guide for the Manufacture of Metallic Alloys Comprising Their Chemical and Physical Properties: With Their Preparation, Composition and Uses
Lydian Inscriptions
The Unconscious the Fundamentals of Human, Personality Normal and Abnormal
Annual Report of the Canadian Northern Railway System
Korea: Treaties and Agreements
Diary of Captain Samuel Jenks: During the French and Indian War 1760
Vegeculture: How to Grow Vegetables, Salads, and Herbs in Town and Country
The Complete Farrier, or Horse Doctor: A Guide for the Treatment of Horses in All Diseases to Which That Noble Animal Is Liable, Being the Result of Fifty Years of Extensive Practice of the Author
The Story of Naughty Kildeen
The Human Needs of Labour
The Path of Discipleship: Four Lectures Delivered at the Twentieth Anniversary of the Theosophical Society, at Adyar, Madras, December 27, 28, 29 and 30, 1895
Pioneers and Patriots in Early American History
A Natural Method of Physical Training: Making Muscle and Reducing Flesh Without Dieting or Apparatus
Notes on Electrochemistry
Clinical Lectures on the Acute Abdomen
The World's Great Religions
The Story of Paper-Making: An Account of Paper-Making From Its Earliest Known Record Down to the Present Time
Mediaeval Philosophy: Illustrated From the System of Thomas Aquinas
The Eta Cook Book: Published by the Boston Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Phi Fraternity
Dreams and Premonitions
A Treatise on Rivers and Canals: Relating to the Control and Improvement of Rivers and the Design, Construction, and Development of Canals; Text
Practical Cinematography: And Its Applications
Lippincotts's Farm Manuals: Productive Horse Husbandry
Of Toronto the Good: A Social Study; The Queen City of Canada as It Is
History of the Ottawa Valley: A Collection of Facts, Events and Reminiscences for Over Half a Century
Serbia Her People History and Aspirations
Keltic Researches: Studies in the History and Distribution of the Ancient Goidelic Language and Peoples
Leonie Locke: Or the Romance of a Beautiful, New York Working Girl
Golden Treatise of Mental Prayer: With Divers Spiritual Rules and Directions, No Less Profitable, Than Necessary, for All Sorts of People
Anatomy of the Brain and Spinal Cord: With Special Reference to Mechanism and Function, for Students and Practitioners
Higher Mathematics for Students of Chemistry and Physics: With Special Reference to Practical Work
The Queen's Necklace: Or, Royalty's Dangers and Defenders; A Historical Romance
The Metallurgy of Gold
A Magazine of Letters: 1898
The Royal Path of Life: Or Aims and Aids to Success and Happiness
Macrinus and Diadumenianus
The Miracle Man of Montreal
Report of Lieut. Giles B. Harber, U. S. N. Of His Search for the Missing People of the Jeannette Expedition, Etc
Bent Timber Ships and Universal Wood Bending Machinery: Two Prize Medals Awards at the International Exhibition, Philadelphia, 1876
Mesehowe: Illustrations of the Runic Literature of Scandinavia, Translations in Danish and English of the Inscriptions in Mesehowe, Visits of the Northern Sovereigns to Orkney, Notes, Vocabulary, Etc
Memoirs of Odd Adventures, Strange Deliverances, Etc;, In the Captivity of John Giles, Esq.: Commander of the Garrison on Saint George River, in the District of Maine
The Bookman's Manual: A Guide to Literature
First Annual Report of the Advisory Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of Alberta, 1921
The Art of Counterpoint: And Its Application as a Decorative Principle
The Use of the Apocrypha in the Christian Church
How to Study the Old Testament
History of Anthropology
Young Men: Faults and Ideals; A Familiar Talk, With Quotations From Letters
Harper's Handy = Book for Girls
The American Indians North of Mexico
Architectural Pottery: Bricks, Tiles, Pipes, Enamelled Terracottas, Ordinary and Incrusted Quarries, Stoneware Mosaic, Faiences, and Architectural Stoneware
Principles of Construction and Efficiency of Water-Wheels
Moral Alphabet
Butler's Record
A Handbook Marine Aquarium: Instructions for Constructing, Stocking, and Maintaining a Tank, and for Collecting Plants and Animals
Huntingdonshire and the Spanish Armada: Edited From Original Manuscripts
The Elements of Spherical Trigonometry, for the Use of Schools, Etc
Pharmacopoeia: Of the Great Northern Central Hospital, Holloway Road, London
Chicago Flexible Shaft Co: Manufacturers of Flexible Shafts Clipping Machines Hardware
The Red Insurrection in Finland in 1918: A Study Based on Documentary Evidence
Collected Poems of Alice Meynell
History of the Amana Society or Community of True Inspiration
The Story of a Cavalry Regiment: The Career of the Fourth Iowa Veteran Volunteers From Kansas to Georgia
The Manual of Heraldry: A Concise Description of the Several Terms Used and Containing a Dictionary of Every Designation in the Science
Ginseng Its Cultivation, Harvesting, Marketing and Market Value, With a Short Account of Its History and Botany
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
This Country of Ours the Story of the United States
Commentaries on the Laws of England: Applicable to Real Property
Common Praise: Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs; For Use in the Church of England
Mirabilia Descripta: The Wonders of the East
Seas and Lands
The Soul: Its Organ and Development From Man to Superman
Rogers Machinists Guide: A Practical; Illustrated Treatise on Modern Machine Shop Practice
The Elizabethan Lyric: A Study
The Basis of English Rhythm
On the Measure of the Resemblance, of First Cousins
A Catalogue of the Ancient Manuscripts: Belonging to the Honourable Society of Gray's Inn
The Spaniel and Its Training
Second Supplement to Who's Who in India: Brought Up to 1914
Optical Measuring Instruments: Their Construction, Theory, and Use
Spaceflight Revolution: Nasa Langley Research Center From Sputnik to Apollo
The Dynamics of Mechanical Flight: Lectures Delivered at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, March 1910 and 1911
The History of the Island of Antigua, One of the Leeward Caribbees in the West Indies: From the First Settlement in 1635 to the Present Time
A History of the Greek People (1821-1921)
The Medical Profession in Ancient Times: An Anniversary Discourse Delivered Before the New York Academy of Medicine, November 7, 1855
Free-Hand Drawing: Light and Shade and Free-Hand Perspective for the Use of Art Students and Teachers
The Story of Our Lord's Life: Told for Children
Sir Theodore Broughton: Or, Laurel Water
Differential and Integral Calculus: For Technical Schools and Colleges
The Gloria Patri: Revised
The Saw in History: A Comprehensive Description of the Development of This Most Useful of Tools From the Earliest Times Down to the Present Day
The Catholic Hymnal: Containing Hymns for Congregational and Home Use, and the Vesper Psalms, the Office of Compline, the Litanies, Hymns at Benediction, Etc
History of Washington County, Nebraska: Its Early Settlement and Present Status, Resources, Advantages and Future Prospects
The Sailing of a Refugee Ship: A Little Record of the Voyage of the Principe Di Udine From Genoa to New York in August, Nineteen Fourteen, During the First Days of the European Conflict
Forest Reserves in Idaho
Notes From Sunland, on the Manatee River, Gulf Coast South Florida: Its Climate, Soil, and Productions
Biological Investigations in Mexico (With 71 Plates)
Guide Book and Complete Pocket Map of St. Louis: Giving Early History, Statistics, &C.; Being the Only Complete Pocket Map of the City
The Peerage of Ireland: Or a Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of That Kingdom
Radiation: An Elementary Treatise on Electromagnetic Radiation and on Ro ntgen and Cathode Rays
Knowledge Enhanced: Phenomenon of Sleep Solved
Sweet Corn
Notes, Critical and Explanatory, on the Book of Genesis
Man's Descent From the Gods: Or the Complete Case Against Prohibition
Recollections of an Excursion to the Monasteries of Alcobaca and Batalha
Thoughts for Lifes Journey
The Collected Works of William Butler Yeats
The Works of Jack London: The Call of the Wild
The Female Review: Life of Deborah Sampson, the Female Soldier in the War of Revolution; With an Introduction and Notes
Chickering and Sons Catalog, 1823-1880: Manufacturers of Grand, Square, and Upright Piano-Fortes
Some Considerations on the Causes of Earthquakes: Which Were Read Before the Royal Society, April 5, 1750
New and Easy Method of Solution of the Cubic and Biquadratic Equations, Embracing Several New Formulas, Greatly Simplifying This Department of Mathematical Science
A Key Greek Lessons Showing How Useful and How Easy It Is for Everyone to Learn Greek: For the Use of Teachers and for Self-Instruction
John Patton and His Descendants
The Weeks Collection: Caroliniana
Hand-Book for Lumbermen: Saw, Tool, Steel File Works, Philadelphia, Pa
A Numerical Classification of Photography
Alaska Coast Pilot Notes on the Fox Islands Passes, Unalaska Bay, Bering Sea, and Arctic Ocean
Irrigation in Imperial Valley, California: Its Problems and Possibilities
Electro Horticulture: Incandescent Lamps
Christ and Buddha
The Stellar Heavens: An Introduction to the Study of the Stars and Nebulae
Phallic Objects, Monuments and Remains: Illustrations of the Rise and Development of the Phallic Idea
Prophetic Dates: Or the Days, Years, Times, and Other Epochs
The Messengers of Peace: A Christmas Allegory
Harmony: Historic Points and Modern Methods of Instruction
The Evolution of Chinese Writing: The Inaugural Lecture of the Michaelmas Term of the School of Chinese; October 4th, 1910
Instruction Book: Drafting and Cutting Dress, Basques, Sacks, Coats, Etc
Henry Hudson's Third Voyage
What an American University Should Be
On Some Iterative Methods for Solving Elliptic Difference Equations
Ancestry and Descendants: Of Sylvanius Eaton, Jacob Swetland and Christopher Reynolds
Report on the Cultivation and Manufacture of Indigo in Bengal, 1899
The City of Carcassonne
Citrus Fruits in California: A Monograph Describing the Basic Principles and Practices of Successful Citrus Fruit Production, From the Planting of the Tree to the Harvesting of the Crop
Skiagraphic Atlas Showing the Development of the Bones of the Wrist and Hand: For the Use of Students and Others
Stories of Famous Songs
More Pot Pourri: From a Surrey Garden
Epaminondas Helps in the House
Psychological Monographs: Studies of Ocular Behavior in Music Reading
Before You Begin: How to Use the Modern Business Course and Service
Catalogue of Scarce Books
The American Annual of Photography: 1908
The Milk Question
The Idea of Creation; Its Origin and Its Value: A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate Divinity School in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Navigation and Nautical Astronomy: The Practical Part, Containing Rules for Finding the Latitude, and the Variation of the Compass
Protectionism: The -Ism Which Teaches That Waste Makes Wealth
The Soul and Sex in Education, Morals, Religion, and Adolescence: Scientific Psychology for Parents and Teachers; With a Chapter on Love, Marriage, Celibacy, and Divorce
Pan-Germany, the Disease and Cure
Tacitus the Germania: With Introduction and Notes
Practical Television
Geology of Eel River Valley Area, Humboldt County, California
The Journal of Alexander Chesney: A South Carolina Loyalist in the Revolution and After
Miriam Coffin, or the Whale-Fishermen: A Tale
The Lithuanian-Polish Dispute: Second Assembly of the League of Nations at Geneva 1921
Eight Lectures
Persecution of the Greeks in Turkey, 1914-1918
Form Problems of the Gothic
The Siwash, Their Life, Legends and Tales: Puget Sound and Pacific Northwest
The Christian Philosophy of Life: Reflections on the Truths of Religion
The Deluge; An Historical Novel of Poland, Sweden, and Russia: A Sequel to "With Fire and Sword"
The Practical Works of the Rev. Richard Baxter: With a Life of the Author, and a Critical Examination of His Writings
History of Tho Farrington's Regiment Subsequently Designated the 29th (Worcestershire) Foot 1694 to 1891
The Papers of Mirabeau Buonaparte Lamar
History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain: With a Notice of Its Early History in the East, and in All the Quarters of the Globe
The Sacred Books of the East: Translated by Various Oriental Scholars
The Law of Innkeepers and Hotels: Including Other Public Houses, Theatres, Sleeping Cars
The Woman in Battle: A Narrative of the Exploits, Adventures, and Travels of Madame Loreta Janeta Valezquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford, Confederate States Army
Theatre de Voltaire
Study of Beans and Peas Before and After Sprouting
The Aesthetic Experience: Its Nature, and Function in Epistemology
Theology of the Hebrew Christians
The Mediator: A Study of the Central Doctrine of the Christian Faith
Tudor Constitutional Documents, 1485-1603
Biographical Review: This Volume Contains Biographical Sketches of Livingston and Wyoming Counties, New York
History of the Town of Hampton, New Hampshire: From Its Settlement in 1638, to the Autumn of 1892
Modern Baths and Bath Houses
Etruscan Inscriptions Analysed, Translated and Commented Upon
History of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties: With Selected Biography of Actors and Witnesses of the Period of Growth and Achievement
Dog Shows and Doggy People
Artillery for the United States Land Service: As Devised and Arranged by the Ordinance Board, With Plates
St. Gertrude the Great
The Slovaks of Hungary, Slavs and Panslavism
Liberia: Description; History; Problems
History of Long Island From Its Discovery Settlement to the Present Time: Revised Greatly Enlarged With Aditions and a Biography of the Author by Charles J. Werner
The Landscape Gardening Book, Wherein Are Set Down the Simple Laws of Beauty and Utility Which Should Guide the Development of All Grounds
The Banditti of the Prairies a Tale of the Mississippi Valley
Six Lectures on Harmony: Delivered at the Royal Institute of Great Britain, Before Easter, 1867
Jimmy Glover His Book
Theological Institutes: Or a View of the Evidences, Doctrines, Morals and Institutions of Christianity
Life and Letters of Samuel Holden Parsons: Major General in the Continental Army and Chief Judge of the Northwestern Territory 1737 1789
Patrick Henry: Life, Correspondence and Speeches
The Golden Book of India: A Genealogical and Biographical Dictionary of the Ruling Princes, Chiefs, Nobles, and Other, Personages, Titled or Decorated, of the Indian Empire
Monumental Brasses of Warwickshire: Accurately Transcribed, With Translations and Descriptive Notes
Modern School Buildings, Elementary and Secondary: A Treatise on the Planning, Arrangement, and Fitting of Day and Boarding Schools
The Baptismal Register of Fort Duquesne: From June, 1754, to Dec;, 1756
Selections From the Thoughts of Marcus Aurelius: For Every Day in the Year
Chandler of Oare (County of Wilts): Report of Searches in Relation to the Ancestry of John and George Chandler Who Sailed From England to the Province of Pennsylvania, in the Year 1686
Early Okanogan History
Centennial History of Polk County, Nebraska: And Read at the Centennial Celebration in Osceola, July 4th, 1876
A Manual of Weeds: With Descriptions of All the Most Pernicious and Troublesome Plants in the United States and Canada, Their Habits of Growth and Distribution, With Methods of Control
A Descriptive Reading on Darjeeling
The Avestan Alphabet: And Its Transcription
The Barker Collection: Manuscripts of and Relating to Admiral Lord Nelson
Human Nature in Business How to Capitalize Your Everyday Habits and Characteristics
A Practical Treatise on Foundry Irons
The Life of John Locke: With Extracts From His Correspondence, Journals, and Common-Place Books
An Improved System of Botanic Medicine: Founded Upon Correct Physiological Principles; Embracing a Concise View of Anatomy and Physiology; Together With an Illustration of the New Theory of Medicine
A Journey in Southern Siberia: The Mongols, Their Religion and Their Myths
The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Karachi to Kotayam
Suncooked Food: A Treatise on How to Get the Highest Form of Human Energy From Food
The Revision of the English Version of the New Testament
India in the Victorian Age: An Economic History of the People
History of Northampton, Massachusetts: From Its Settlement in 1654
Geriatrics: The Diseases of Old Age and Their Treatment; Including Physiological Old Age, Home and Institutional Care, and Medico-Legal Relations
Memoirs of the Duke of Rovigo: M. Savary
The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Reprinted Pieces, and Other Stories
An Outlaw's Diary: Revolution
A History of Hampshire: Including the Isle of Wight
The Life and Letters of the Reverend Adam Sedgwick
Description of the Dismal Swamp and a Proposal to Drain the Swamp
The Fairies Festival
Early Egyptian History for the Young: With Descriptions of the Tombs and Monuments
The Story of an Ancient Parish, Breage With Germoe: With Some Account of Its Armigers, Worthies and Unworthies, Smugglers and Wreckers, Its Traditions and Superstitions
The Love Letters of Abelard and Heloise: Translated From the Original Latin and Now Reprinted From the Edition of 1722; Together With a Brief Account of Their Lives and Work
Myths and Folk-Lore of the Timiskaming Algonquin and Timagami Ojibwa
Trees and Tree Drawing
A Drill Book in the Elements of the English Language
The Beyond That Is Within: And Other Addresses
The Four Winds of Eirinn Poems
Hassan: The Story of Hassan of Bagdad, and How He Came to Make the Golden Journey to Samarkand, a Play in Five Acts
John Ruskin's Letters to William Ward: With a Short Biography of William Ward
Design of a High-Speed Steam Engine: Notes, Diagrams, Formulas and Tables
The Widow: Directed to the Widow's God
How to Help Cases of Distress: A Handy Reference Book for Almoners and Others
The Accomplished Muskrat Trapper: A Book on Trapping for Amateurs
Christopher House Guild Cook Book: The Earliest Known Cook Book Was Printed in Venice in 1475
The Advent of Modern Spiritualism, or Great Oaks From Acorns Grow: A Playlet
California's Mission Tour: A Motoring Guide With Maps and Sketches
A Concise Account of the Principal Works in Stained Glass
Swimming Pools: Their Construction, Mechanical Installation, Water Supply; Heating the Water; Various Types of Installation, With More Than Thirty Illustrations and Charts
Cole: 200 1920 A. D
Constructive Pittsburgh: A Review of the Babcock Administration
Family Record of Jeremiah Phillips, D. D: Missionary to Orissa, India, 1812 1912
Liberalism in America: Its Origin, Its Temporray Collapse, Its Future
Old Testament and Monumental Coincidences
Apparitions and Thought-Transference: An Examination of the Evidence for Telepathy
Discoveries in Asia Minor: Including a Description of the Ruins of Several Ancient Cities, and Especially Antioch of Pisidia
The Mycenaean Age: A Study of the Monuments and Culture, of Pre-Homeric Greece
Aleph, the Chaldean: Or the Messiah as Seen From Alexandria
A History of the Indian Mutiny, Reviewed: Illustrated From Original Documents
Imperial Gazetteer of India: Bomjur to Central India
The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Berhampore to Bombay
Elizabeth Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary
Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography: Commercial, Press, Scientific Photography
Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography: At-Home Portraiture, Flashlight, Interiors, Lenses
Productive Orcharding: Modern Methods of Growing and Marketing Fruit
The Imperial Gazetteer of India: Central Provinces to Coompta
Complete Self-Instructing Library of Practical Photography: Photographic Printing, Copying, Enlarging, Lantern Slides
The Sisters and Green Magic
Report of the Proceedings of the Reunion of the Bassett Family Association of America: Held at Hill's Homestead West Haven September Ninth 1897
The Harmony of the Reformed Confessions: As Related to the Present State of Evangelical Theology, an Essay Delivered Before the General Presbyterian Council at Edinburgh, July 4, 1877
Life and Adventures of Timothy Murphy: The Benefactor of Schoharie
The Stylus: A Monthly Journal of Literature Proper, the Fine Arts, the Drama
The Conduct of Life and Society and Solitude
Texas Souvenir: A Collection of Poems, Devoted to the Scenery and Historical Events of Texas
Mechanical Arithmetic: Or the History of the Counting Machine
A Lyme Garland: Being Verses, Mainly Written at Lyme Regis, or Upon the Scenery of the Neighbourhood
The Mystic Seven, or the Law of the Fire, a Camp Fire Play in One Act
The Negro as a Voter: Dangers Which Threaten the White People of Maryland From Continued Negro Suffrage Cause and Effect
The Home Handy Book: A Compendium of Useful Things to Do Around the Average House and How to Keep It in Repair
Popular Genealogists: Or the Art of Pedigree-Making
Rainbow Hoosier
Essays on the Study and Use of Poetry
An Explanation: Of the Phenomena of Immunity and Contagion, Based Upon the Action of Physical and Biological Laws
The Fall of Tsingtau: With a Study of Japan's Ambitions in China
Sven Hedin, Nobleman: An Open Letter From K. G. Ossiannilsson
How Money Is Made in Security Investments: Or a Fortune at Fifty-Five
The Modern Chess Instructor
Sister Saint-Pierre and the Work of Reparation: A Brief History
The Irish Language and Irish Intermediate Education
Hand-Book of Tree-Planting: Or Why to Plant, Where to Plant, What to Plant, How to Plant
Everyday English Writing
The Fish and Oyster Book
Dictionary of Kashmiri Proverbs and Sayings: Explained and Illustrated From the Rich and Interesting Folklore of the Valley
Copper Work: An Illustrated Text Book for Teachers and Students in the Manual Arts
Human, All-Too-Human: A Book for Free Spirits
Plotinus the Ethical Treatises; Being the Treatises of the First Ennead With Porphyry's Life of Plotinus, and the Preller-Ritter Extracts Forming a Conspectus of the Plotinian System
The Prophets of Israel and Their Place in History: To the Close of the Eighth Century B. C
Education in Economy
The Philosophical Basis of Evolution
The Story of My Deportation
A Course in Inorganic Chemistry for Colleges
The Mystery of Iniquity: Or, Romanism Not Christianity
History of Old Vincennes and Knox County, Indiana
Maryland Under the Commonwealth: A Chronicle of the Years 1649-1658
Psalms of David: Imitated in the Language of the New Testament, and Applied to the Christian State and Worship
A History of the Gold Coast and Ashanti: From the Earliest Times to the Commencement of the Twentieth Century
Ten Years in Washington; Life and Scenes in the National Capital: As a Woman Sees Them
A Hairdresser's Experience: In High Life
History of the Corps of Royal Engineers
National Character in Action: Intelligence Factors in Foreign Relations
United States National Museum Bulletin 87: Culture of the Ancient Pueblos of the Upper Gila River Region, New Mexico and Arizona
Letter Writing: Suggestions, Precepts, and Examples for the Conduct of Business and Social Correspondence
Secrets of Sunday-School Teaching
English Taxation, 1640 1799: An Essay on Policy and Opinion
Sir William Johnson: And the Six Nations
Division of Labor Among Ants
A Concise History and Description of the City and Cathedral of Worcester: Comprising Also a Brief Account of All Market and Borough Towns, and Principal Seats of the Nobility and Centry in the County
Winchester, Virginia, Historical and Pictorial
Indian Life and Indian History: Embracing the Traditions of the North American Indians Regarding Themselves, Particularly of That Most Important of All the Tribes, the Ojibways
A Trip to Pioche: Being a Sketch of Recent Frontier Travel
Human Leopards an Account of the Trials of Human Leopards Before the Special Commission Court: With a Note on Sierra Leone, Past and Present
The Cape Cod Journal of the Pilgrim Fathers: Reprinted From Mourt's Relation
Contributions to the Natural History of the Isopoda
California Redwood
On Certain Phenomena: Belonging to the Close of the Last Geological Period and on Their Bearing Upon the Tradition of the Flood
A Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Moses Cleveland of Woburn, Mass;, An Emigrant in 1635 From England: With a Sketch of the Clevelands of Virginia and the Carolinas
A Genealogical Memorial of the Family of Buckley of Derby and Saddleworth in the Counties of Derby and York, 1900: With Appendices, Abstract of Wills, Chancery Proceedings, Inquis, Post Mort &C
The Double Search Studies in Atonement and Prayer
Two Hundred Recipes for Cooking in Casseroles
The Criminal Code of the Jews: According to the Talmud Massecheth Synhedrin
Hebrew Mythology
Induction Coils: How to Make and Use Them, a Practical Handbook on the Construction and Use, of Medical and Spark Coils
Old Salem Scrap Book: Stories of Salem Elders
The Life of Benjamin Franklin, Written by Himself: Now First Edited From Original Manuscripts and From His Printed Correspondence and Other Writings
The Wesleyan Psalmist, or Songs of Canaan: A Collection of Hymns and Tunes Designed to Be Used at Camp-Meetings, and at Class and Prayer Meetings, and Other Occasions of Social Devotion
Backwoods Poems
The True Christian Religion: Containing the Universal Theology of the New Church, Foretold by the Lord in Daniel VII. 13, 14; And in Revelation XXI 1, 2
Art and Artists of Indiana
Madras, Mysore, and the South of India: Or a Personal Narrative of a Mission to Those Countries; From MDCCCXX, to MDCCCXXVIII
How to Remember: Without Memory Systems or With Them
The History of Magic, Including a Clear and Precise Exposition, of Its Procedure, Its Rites and Its Mysteries
Book of the Artists: American Artist Life, Comprising Biographical and Critical Sketches of American Artist: Preceded by an Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of Art in America
The Scots Worthies: Their Lives and Testimonies, Including Many Additional Notes, and Lives of Eminent Worthies Not Contained in the Original Collection
Soaps: A Practical Manual of the Manufacture of Domestic, Toilet and Other Soaps
The Laws of Fesole: A Familiar Treatise on the Elementary Principles and Practice of Drawing and Painting
Life of St. Brigid: Virgin; First Abbess of Kildare, Special Patroness of Kildare Diocese, and General Patroness of Ireland
The Gypsies: Their Origin, Continuance, and Destination, as Clearly Foretold in the Prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel
Raffles Further Adventures of the Amateur Cracksman
Second Characters; Or the Language of Forms: Edited by Benjamin Rand
The Economical European Guide
The Printing of Greek in the Fifteenth Century
Garden Design: And Architects Gardens; Two Reviews
The Life of Mahomet From Original Sources
The Imperialistic Council of the Magi
A Laboratory Course in Physics of the Household: To Accompany Lynde's Physics of the Household
Ecclesiastical Record
A Treatise on Atmospherical Electricity: Including Lightning Rods and Paragreles
Wisdom of the Wise: Pithy and Pointed Sayings of the Best Authors
Debussy's Pelleas Et Melisande: A Guide to the Opera, With Musical Examples From the Score
International Theatre Exhibition: Designs and Models for the Modern Stage, Victoria Albert Museum, June 3-July 16, 1922
Remarks of Messrs. Clemens, Butler, and Jefferson Davis: The Vermont Resolutions Relating to Slavery; Delivered in Senate of the United States, January 10, 1850
Loseley Park
Tactics at Gettysburg as Described by Participants in the Battle
Sun Dials and Roses of Yesterday: Garden Delights Which Are Here Displayed
Odette: A Fairy Tale for Weary People
The Romancers: A Comedy in Three Acts
The Will to Win: A Call to American, Boys and Girls
Grants: Super Magical Secrets
The Glorious Gateway of the West: An Historic Pageant of the Story of Fort Wayne, Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of Indiana's Admission to the Sisterhood of States
Ducks at a Distance
An Heroic Epistle to Sir William Chambers, Knight, &C. &C
Genealogy of One Line of the Pardee Family: And Some Memoirs
Duck Dollars: Successful Experience of the Weber Brothers, of Massachusetts, Who Have Amassed a Fortune Raising Ducks and Who Are Willing That Others Should Profit by Their Knowledge and Methods
The Indian Chief Shabbona
A Dog Day: Or the Angel in the House
Star Lore of All Ages: A Collection of Myths, Legends, and Facts, Concerning the Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere
Vedic Hymns
The Complete Works of Lyof N. Tolstoi: War and Peace, III-IV
A History of the Later Roman Empire: From Arcadius to Irene (395 A. D. To 800 A. D.)
Guide to the Antiquities of Upper Egypt: From Abydos to the Sudan Frontier
History of America Before Columbus, According to Documents and Approved Authors
Idea Invaders
The Politics of Aristotle: With an Two Prefatory Essays, and Notes Critical and Explanatory
The Induction Motor and Other Alternating Current Motors: Their Theory and Principles of Design
The Historical Geography of Europe
The Homopathic Treatment of Epidemic Cholera
Medical Electricity: A Practical Handbook for Students and Practitioners
Foundations of Knowledge: In Three Parts
The Ancient History of the Egyptians, Carthaginians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes and Persians, Grecians and Macedonians: Including a History of the Arts and Sciences of the Ancients
Syntax of Plautus
How to Keep Well: A Text-Book of Physiology and Hygiene for the Lower, Grades of Schools
King and Parliament: A. D. 1603 1714
Hand Sewing Lessons: A Graded Course for Schools and for the Home
The Life and Times of Patuone the Celebrated Ngapuhi Chief
Past and Present of Allamakee County, Iowa: A Record of Settlement
Ancient and Modern Gold and Silver Smiths' Work: In the South Kensington Museum; Described With an Introduction
General Index to the First Twenty Volumes of the Geographical Journal: 1893-1902
What's in Your Name?
Equitable Commerce: A New Development of Principles, for the Harmoneous Adjustment and Regulation of the Pecuniary, Intellectual, and Moral Intercourse of Mankind, Proposed as Elements of New Society
The Kinematics of Machinery: Outlines of a Theory of Machines
History of Ireland: The Heroic Period
The Crystalline Lens System: Ts Embryology, Anatomy, Physiological Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Diseases, Treatment, Operations and After-Changes With a Consideration of Aphakia
Diary of Cotton Mather, 1681-1708
Parochial Antiquities: Attempted in the History of Ambrosden, Burcester, and Other Adjacent Parts in the Counties of Oxford and Bucks
Jute and Linen Weaving
Rovings: Sea Songs and Ballads
The Early Introduction of Bogus Freemasonry in the United States of America and Texas Among Colored Masons
The English Bible in American Eloquence
Profitable Herb Growing and Collecting
The Little Girl's Sewing Book
A Short Masonic History
Notes on Magneto-Hydrodynamics: Fluid Dynamical Analogies
Scenes in the Life of Jesus: Thirty-Six Lessons for Advanced Classes
A Bibliography of Oliver Wendell Holmes
Artistic Lighting: To Which Is Added at Home Portraiture, With Daylight and Flashlight
In the Klondyke: Including an Account of a Winter's Journey to Dawson
David Blaze and the Blue Door
The Whole Works of the Late Rev. Ebenezer Erskine: Minister of the Gospel at Stirling, Consisting of Sermons and Discourses on the Most Important and Interesting Subjects
Nicholas Blood Candidate
Report of the Union Conferences: Held From August 10 to 16, 1875, at Bonn, Under the Presidency of Dr. Von Dollinger
Chicago: A History and Forecast
The Adventures of a Bric-a-Brac Hunter
Thoughts on Materialism: And on Religious Festivals, Sabbaths
The Confessions of a Little Man During Great Days: Translated From the Russian of Leonid Andreyev
Recollections of the Rev. John McElhenney, D. D
All About Nashville: A Complete Historical Guide Book to the City
Way, Truth, and Life: Sermons
From Within: Lyrical Sketches
The Conquest of Italy and the Struggle With Carthage: 753 to 200
The Practice of Autosuggestion: By the Method of Emile Coue; Revised Edition
The Believer's Daily Treasure: Or Texts of Scripture Arranged for Every Day in the Year
Kant on Education: Ueber Padagogik, Translated by Annette Churton
History and Records of the Hershey Family From the Year 1600
Armenia and the Armenians: From the Earliest Times Until the Great War (1914)
Christ the Orator, or Never Man Spake Like This Man
Kiowa: The History of a Blanket Indian Mission
The Trial of Oscar Wilde: From the Shorthand Reports
The Messiah; As Predicted in the Pentateuch and Psalms: Being a New Translation and Critical Exposition of These Ancient Oracles
Report on the Lands of the Arid Region of the United States: With a More Detailed Account of the Lands of Utah, With Maps
The History of North Carolina
Earth's Voices, Transcripts From Nature, Sospitra: And Other Poems
Through Glacier Park, Seeing America First With Howard Eaton
Guingamor, Lanval, Tyolet, Bisclaveret; Four Lais Rendered Into English Prose From the French of Marie De France and Others by Jessie L. Weston: With Designs by Caroline Watts
Salts and Their Reactions a Class-Book of Practical Chemistry
300 Ways to Cook and Serve Shell Fish: Terrapin, Green Turtle, Snapper, Oysters, Oyster Crabs, Lobsters, Clams, Crabs and Shrimps
Proverbs, Proverbial Expressions, and Popular Rhymes of Scotland: Collected and Arranged, With Introduction, Notes and Parallel Phrases
Solar Energy: Its Source and Mode Throughout the Universe
Atharva-Veda Sa hit : Translated With a Critical and Exegetical Commentary; Introduction, Books I to VII
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences: From May 1909, to May 1910
Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Invernesss: 1901-1903
The Spirit Prevails
The American Rifle: A Treatise, a Text Book, and a Book of Practical Instruction in the Use of the Rifle
Records of Big Game
The Touchstone of Common Assurances: Being a Plain and Familiar Treatise on Conveyancing
Archaeological Researches in Palestine During
Charles Dickens and the Law
Archaic Greece and the East
The Natural Rate of Interest
Coeur D'alene
I Would Not Live Alway: And Other Pieces in Verse
Caste: An Original Comedy in Three Acts
Civil War Experiences, 1862-1865: Chickamauga, Mission Ridge, Buzzard Roost, Resaca, Rome, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Peach Tree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Averysboro, Bentonville
Hamlet: An Historical and Comparative Study
The Function of Suspense in the Catharsis
Senator Yulee of Florida: A Biographical Sketch
The Anthropology of Florida
An Introductory History of England From Henry VII to the Restoration
The Great Religions of India
The Mohammedan World of to-Day: Being Papers Read at the First Missionary Conference on Behalf of the Mohammedan World Held at Cairo, April 4th-9th, 1906
The New Testament Epistles: Hebrews, James, First Peter, Second Peter, Jude
A Comprehensive Commentary on the Quran: Comprising Sale's Translation and Preliminary Discourse, With Additional Notes and Emendations
How to Preserve Health
Statistical Averages: A Methodological Study
Roger Payne and His Art: A Short Account of His Life and Work as a Binder
Logic: In Three Books of Thought, of Investigation and of Knowledge
Cardinal Principles of Secondary Education: A Report of the Commission on the Reorganization of Secondary Education Appointed by the National Education Association
Youth: A Play in Three Acts
Leah, the Forsaken: A Play, in Five Acts
John Tyler, Tenth President of the United States
Missing Pages in American History: Revealing the Services of Negroes, in the Early Wars in the United States of America
Washington National Monument: Shall the Unfinished Obelisk Stand a Monument of National Disgrace and National Dishonor? Speeches in the House of Representatives, June 4, 1874
Report of the Bigelow Family Reunion: At Lincoln Park, (Worcester, Mass;), Thursday, June 2, 1887
Meditations and Devotions: Station of the Cross
Anaheim, Southern California: Its History, Climate, Soil and Advantages for Home Seekers and Settlers
Personal Liberty and Martial Law: A Review of Some Pamphlets of the Day
Phelps-Stokes Fellowship Studies, No; 7: An Economic Study of Negro Farmers as Owners, Tenants, and Croppers
Collections of the New-York Historical Society for the Year 1891
Prayers in Honor of St. John Berchmans: Preceeded by a Short Sketch of His Life, and a Brief Account of Some of His Many Miracles, for the Benefit of a Catholic Orphan Asylum and a Catholic School
The History of Redwood County, Minnesota
History of Pike County From 1822 to 1922
Poet-Lore, 1894: A Monthly Magazine Devoted to Letters and to the Study of Shakespeare, Browning and Comparative Literature
The Works of John Knox: Collected and Edited
The Second Century
Biographical History of Lancaster County: Being a History of Early Settlers and Eminent Men of the County
Some Cardinal Points in Knowledge
The Life-Giving Spirit: A Study of the Holy Spirit's Nature and Office
The Irish Wars: A Military History of Ireland From the Norse Invasions to 1798
The History and Antiquities of the County of Somerset: Collected From Authentick Records, and an Actual Survey Made by the Late Mr. Edmund Rack
From Constantinople to the Home of Omar Khayyam: Travels in Transcaucasia and Northern Persia for Historic and Literary Research
A Hand-List of the Muhammadan Manuscripts: Including All Those Written in the Arabic Character, Preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge
The Book of Butterflies, Sphinxes and Moths: Illustrated by One Hundred and Forty-Four Engravings, Coloured After Nature; In Three Volumes
Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy: The Development of the Doctrine of Infant Salvation
Life and Writings of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing
Report of Presidential Commission on the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Epidemic: Submitted to the President of the United States June 24, 1988
A Dictionary of the Characters and Scenes in the Stories and Poems, of Rudyard Kipling, 1886-1911
The Life of William Farel: The Swiss Reformer
Autobiography of Thurlow Weed: Edited by His Daughter
Origen the Preacher: Being Fifty Short Sermon Notes Founded Upon Select Passages From His Writings
History of Buchanan County, Iowa and Its People
The Book of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry: Containing Instructions in All the Degrees From the Third to the Thirty-Third, and Last Degree of the Rite
The Life and Correspondence of James McHenry: Secretary of War Under Washington and Adams
The History of the Norman Conquest of England, Its Causes and Its Results: The Preliminary History to the Election of Eadward the Confessor
Knocknagow, or the Homes of Tipperary
Complete Works of Josephus: Antiquities of the Jews; The Wars of the Jews Against Apion, Etc
Cotton Growing in India
The Elements of Draughts
Steel and Its Treatment
The History of the Jews: From the Time of Alexander the Great to the Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, A. M. 3595, B. C. 409 to A. D. 70
Memoir of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe
American Archives: Consisting of a Collection of Authentick Records, State Papers, Debates, and Letters and Other Notices of Publick Affairs
The Story of My Childhood
Rise and Growth of the Normal-School Idea in the United States
Althea: Or the Children of Rosemont Plantation
La Saisiaz: The Two Poets of Croisic
Descriptive List of the Deer-Parks and Paddocks of England
Diaries of Sir Daniel Gooch Baronet
The Scottish Pulpit: From the Reformation to the Present Day
Voyage of the Deutschland: The First Merchant Submarine
Mineralogy: An Introduction to the Study of Minerals and Crystals
The Other World, or Glimpses of the Supernatural
Moslem Architecture: Its Origins and Development
Tristram Dodge and His Descendants in America: With Historical and Descriptive Accounts of Block Island and Cow Neck, L. I. Their Original Settlements
La Vie Douloureuse de Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
Arden Colour
Builders of Nova Scotia: A Historical Review; With an Appendix Containing Copies of Rare Documents Relating to the Early Days of the Province
Notre-Dame de Paris, 1482
Voyage au Pays de la Quatrieme Dimension
A Commentary on Tennyson's: In Memoriam
Le Livre de la Grace Speciale: Revelations de Sainte Mechtilde Vierge de l'Ordre de Saint-Benoit
Wee Willie Winkie: And Other Stories, and American Notes
Jolly Calle Other Swedish Fairy Tales
Cur Deus Homo
Granny's Wonderful Chair by Frances Browne: With an Introduction by Frances Hodgson Burnett Entitled the Story of the Lost Fairy Book
History of the Anabaptists in Switzerland
Wild Brother: Strangest of True Stories From the North Woods
Allan's Lone Star Ballads: A Collection of Southern Patriotic Songs, Made During Confederate Times
Indian Missionary Reminiscences, Principally of the Wyandot Nation: In Which Is Exhibited the Efficacy of the Gospel in Elevating Ignorant and Savage Men
The Secret of Successful Tailoring
The Student's Harmony
The Jacobite War in Ireland (1688-1691)
The War Powers of the President: And the Legislative Powers of Congress in Relation to Rebellion, Treason and Slavery
My Somali Book: A Record of Two Shooting Trips
The Photo-Miniature: August 1914
Art and Life, and the Building and Decoration of Cities: A Series
Romanism Contradictory to the Bible: Or the Peculiar Tenets of the Church of Rome; As Exhibited in Her Accredited Formularies Contrasted With the Holy Scriptures
A Treatise on the Intellectual Character, and Civil and Political Condition of the Colored People of the U. States: And the Prejudice Exercised Towards Them
The Bible True, and Infidelity Wicked
A Contribution Towards an Accurate Biography of Charles Auguste De Beriot and Maria Felicita Malibran-Garcia: Extracted From the Correspondence of the Former
A Memorial of the Polish-American Organizations of the United States, in Reference to the Proposed Lodge Immigration Bill, Now Pending in the American House of Representatives
Reminiscences and Documents Relating to the Civil War During the Year 1865
The Eighty-Sixth Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry: A Narrative of Its Services in the Civil War of 1861 1865
The Prodigal Son: A Comedy in One Act
The Mammals of China and Mongolia
Textbook of Insanity Based on Clinical Observations: For Practitioners and Students of Medicine
The Critical Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
The Philosophy of the Plays of Shakspere Unfolded: With a Preface
The History of Imperial County, California
Old Pittsburgh Days
History of Charles the Bold: Duke of Burgundy
Tell It All: The Story of a Life's Experience in Mormonism
The Diary of a Girl in France in 1821
Sketch of the History of Glasgow
Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands
Dorchester Polytechnic Academy
Letters of Madame Guyon: Being Selections of Her Religious Thoughts and Experiences, Translated and Re-Arranged From Her Private Correspondence; Including Her Correspondence With Fenelon, Abridged
Violin Playing
Poems and Ballads of Heinrich Heine: To Which Is Prefixed a Biographical Sketch of Heine
Introduction to Irish Farming
Man's Best Friend, the Dog: A Treatise Upon the Dog
Applied Strict Counterpoint
Cooking Course
The Windmill as a Prime Mover
The Teaching of the Qur'an: With an Account of Its Growth and a Subject Index
Deadwood Dick
The Star in the East: Shewing the Analogy Which Exists Between the Lectures Freemasonry
Problem; Science, Function, Analysis: Formula; Science, Analysis
History as Ethics: Outline of Lecture Studies on the Ethical Interpretation of History
A Short Practical Treatise of Arithmetic
The Indian Captive: A Narrative of the Adventures and Sufferings of Matthew Brayton, in His Thirty-Four Years of Captivity Among the Indians of North-Western America
Original Revolutionary Chronicle: The Battle-Day of Germantown
On the Baksh l Manuscript
Diseases of Pigeons
Kemps Nine Daies Wonder: Performed in a Daunce London to Norwich; With an Introduction and Notes
Inaugural Address: Delivered to the University of St. Andrews, Feb; 1st 1867
Sketches of the Early Settlements of the Plymouth Colony: Historical, Biographical and Anecdotical
What Is She?: A Comedy, in Five Acts, as Performed at the Theatre Royal, Covent Garden
Lessons in Vocal Expression; Course I: Processes of Thinking in the Modulation of the Voice
The Chieftains of Vendee: Cathelineau, La Roche-Jacquelein, Charette, Stofflet, and Sombreuil
Catalogue of the Collection of Metallurgical Specimens: Formed by the Late John Percy, Now in the South Kensington Museum
Lincoln Other Poems
A Narrative of the Formation and Services of the Eleventh Massachusetts Volunteers, From April 15, 1861, to July 14, 1865
The American Amateur Photographer and Camera and Dark Room: January-June 1907
The Apocryphal Books of the Old New Testament
Truths of History: A Fair, Unbiased, Impartial, Unprejudiced and Conscientious Study of History
The Iroquois: A History of the Six Nations of New York
The Plutus of Aristophanes: Edited With Introduction and Notes
It Never Did Run Smooth: A Novel
OEuvres Completes de Lord Byron
L'Automatisme Psychologique: Essai de Psychologie Experimentale sur les Formes Inferieures de l'Activite Humaine
Scenes de la Vie de Province: Les Rivalites; (Premiere Histoire) La Vieille Fille; (Deuxieme Histoire) Le Cabinet des Antiques; Le Lys dans la Vallee
Lettres de Jean-Arthur Rimbaud: Egypte, Arabie, Ethiopie; Avec une Introduction Et des Notes
Histoire de la Polynesie Orientale
Le Rythme, la Musique Et l'Education
An Introduction to the Study of Hypnotism: Experimental and Therapeutic
Les Deux Diane
A Full Report of the Great Gaines Case, 1850: In the Suit of Myra Gaines Vs, Chew, Relf Others, for the Recovery of the Property of the Late Daniel Clark
The Holy Angels
The Works of Shakespeare: Containing, All's Well, That Ends Well; Twelfth-Night, or What You Will; The Winter's Tale; Macbeth
The High History of the Holy Graal: Translated From the Old French
The Viking: An Epic
Memoir of a Campaign With the Ottoman Army in Egypt, From February to July 1800
The Treatment of Steel: A Series of Circulars on Heating, Annealing, Forging and Tempering, Issued by the Cresent Steel Works
Hampton Institute: 1868 to 1885, Its Work for Two Races
Lincoln's Body Guard; The Union Light Guard: The Seventh Independent Company of Ohio Volunteer Cavalry; 1863-1865
Projects for the High School: Sample Materials for Junior and Senior High School
North American Indian Cavalry: Argument
The Children Who, Followed the Piper
The Waldensian Church: Her Work, Her Difficulties, Her Hopes
Froude's Crusade Both Sides: Lectures by Very Rev. T. N. Burke, O. P., John Mitchell, Wendell Phillips, and James Anthony Froude, in Summer Up the Controversy; With the Life and Labors of Father Burke
Some Microchemical Tests for Alkaloids, Including Chemical Tests of the Alkaloids Used
Rhymes From the Mines, and Other Lines
Rubber Manufacture: The Cultivation, Chemistry, Testing, and Manufacture of Rubber, With Sections on Reclamation of Rubber and the Manufacture of Rubber Substitutes
The Paris Commune: Including the "First Manifesto of the International on the Franco-Prussian War," the "Second Manifesto of the International on the Franco-Prussian War," "the Civil War in France"
A Complete History of the Mexican War: Its Causes, Conduct, and Consequences; Comprising an Account of the Various Military and Naval Operations, From Its Commencement to the Treaty of Peace
Letters From Egypt, Ethiopia, and the Peninsula of Sinai
The Life of Andrew Murray of South Africa
History of America Before Columbus: According to Documents and Approved Authors
The Rotches
Tanners' and Chemists' Handbook
The Ogden Family in America, Elizabethtown Branch, and Their English Ancestry: John Ogden, the Pilgrim, and His Descendants, 1640-1906
Forty Years Among the Indians: A Descriptive History of the Long and Busy Life of Jeremiah Hubbard
Peasant Life in Old German Epics: Meier Helmbrecht and Der Arme Heinrich, Translated From the Middle High German, of the Thirteenth Century
The Scots Peerage: Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland, Containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of That Kingdom
The Days That Are No More: Some Reminiscences
The Life of the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury, K. G
Hans of Iceland
Drops of Spray, From Southern Seas
Recollections of Elizabeth Benton Fre mont: Daughter of the Pathfinder General John C. Fre mont and Jessie Benton Fre mont His Wife
The Scholar's Daughter
The Friend on the Road: And Other Studies in the Gospels
The Gentle Craft
Studies on the Book of Psalms: The Structural Connection of the Book of Psalms, Both in Single Psalms and in the Psalter as an Organic Whole
Mary Jane Down South
The Veracity of the Five Books of Moses: Argued From the Undesigned Coincidences to Be Found in Them, When Compared in Their Several Parts
Marie Therese Couderc: Foundress of the Congregation of Our Lady of the Cenacle
Memorials of R. Harold a Schofield (Late of the China Inland Mission), First Medical Missionary to Shan-Si, China
The Relation Existing Between God and Man: Or, Mysteries in Zion Revealed
Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume: Compiled From Ancient Authorities and Examples
A History of the Bristol Royal Infirmary
The Divine Eucharist: Extracts From the Writings and Sermons of Pierre-Julien Eymard
The German Sectarians of Pennsylvania: A Critical and Legendary History of the Ephrata Cloister and the Dunkers
And Quiet Flows the Don: A Novel
West-Eastern Divan: In Twelve Books
History of Lorain County, Ohio: With Illustrations Biographical Sketches, Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers
Germany, Her People and Their Story: A Popular History of the Beginnings, Rise, Development, and Progress of the German Empire From Arminius to William II
History of the Christian Church: From the Birth of Christ to the XVIII. Century; Including the Very Interesting Account of the Waldenses and Albigenses
History of Sicily: From the Earliest Times
The Modern Hindustani Scholar: Or the Pucca Munshi; Specially Adapted to the Present-Day Requirements of the Lower and Higher Standard Examinations
The Story of the World: A Simple History for Boys and Girls
Memories and Impressions of Helena Modjeska: An Autobiography
South African Legal Dictionary
The Rise of English Culture
The Arab Conquest of Egypt and the Last Thirty Years of the Roman Dominion
McNeill's Last Charge: An Account of a Daring Confederate in the Civil War
Nineteenth Lincoln Birthday Service: Memorial Hall, Chicago, Tuesday, February 12th, 1918
The Legend of Saint Frideswide: And Other Poems
Walls That Talk: A Transcript of the Names, Initials and Sentiments Written and Graven on the Walls, Doors and Windows of the Libby Prison at Richmond, by the Prisoners of 1861-'65
High Lights of Chattanooga History: Turned on in Advance From Chapters of a Forthcoming History of Chattanooga
True Version of the Philippine Revolution
Lumber and Its Uses
History of Company E, 355th Infantry A. E. F
The Origin of Man and of His Superstitions
The Philosophy of Fasting
First History of Bayonne, New Jersey
Selected Poems of Thomas Hardy
Of Civil Government and Toleration
Educational Essays
The Sorrows of Epirus
Swedenborg: And the 'Sapientia Angelica
Ces Dames aux Chapeaux Verts: Roman
Rome Against the Bible, and the Bible Against Rome: Or Pharisaism, Jewish and Papal
The History of Dedham: From the Beginning of Its Settlement, in September 1635, to May 1827
So Much of the Diary of Lady Willoughby as Relates to Her Domestic History, 1844: To the Eventful Period of the Reign of Charles the First
A Treatise of Algebra: In Three Parts
Extinct Monsters: A Popular Account of Some of the Larger, Forms of Ancient Animal Life
Capture of Fort Fisher, North Carolina: Jan; 15, 1865
Practical Blacksmithing: A Collection of Articles Contributed at Different Times by Skilled Workmen to the Columns of "the Blacksmith and Wheelwright"
The History of the Postage Stamps of the St. Louis Postmaster, 1845-1847
Rajkumar College: Raipur, Central Provinces; A Sketch
Is Virginia Entitled to Compensation, for the Cession of the Northwest, Territory to the National Government?: Paper Read
At the Sign of the Lion: And Other Essays From the Books of Hilaire Belloc
A Discourse of Government With Relation to Militias
Adam Lindsay Gordon's Australian Poems
A Letter to the Right Honourable the Earls of Egremont and Halifax, His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State, on the Seizure of Papers
Blanc Mont: Meuse-Argonne-Champagne
Sub-Tropical Rambles in the Land of the Aphanapteryx: Personal Experiences, Adventures, and Wanderings in and Around the Island of Mauritius
Genealogy of the Families of John Rockwell, of Stamford, Conn;, 1641: And Ralph Keeler, of Hartford, Conn;, 1939
The Old Testament, in the Light of the Historical Records and Legends of Assyria and Babylonia
The Homilies of the Anglo-Saxon Church: The First Part, Containing the Sermones Catholici, or Homilies of AElfric
Short Sayings of Great Men: With Historical and Explanatory Notes
The Loss of Normandy (1189-1204): Studies in the History of the Angevin Empire
Rome: Its Rise and Fall: A Text-Book for High Schools and Colleges
How to Sell How to Advertise: A Hand-Book of Business Building
Richter's Manual of Harmony: A Practical Guide to Its Study: Expressly Prepared for the Conservatory of Music at Leipsic
Industrial Mathematics Practically Applied: An Instruction and Reference, Book for Students in Manual Training, Industrial and Technical Schools, and for Home Study
Via Nova: Or the Application of the Direct Method to Latin and Greek
The Agricola and Germania of Cornelius Tacitus: With Explanatory Notes and Maps

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